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Light trip

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Extra Form
Project name Light trip
Members Jing Liao, YingPing Cao, Toshiki Otani, Sanha Bae, Jiwon Kim, Daaun Park


List up Some trouble in visiting Korea

-    Cannot read Hangul on sign
-    usirg bus is more difficult than subway
-    con’t know how to crder
-    using bus is more difficult than subway
-    don’t know where is the famouse in Korea
-    I cannot use Google map in Korea
-    don’t Know how shall I spend on free time
-    Map upp have only one language
-    don’t know the reasonable price

Focus on
-    don’t know where is the famouse in Korea
-    don’t Know how shall I spend on free time
-    don’t have enough money for travel




Foreign tourists who do not know much about Seoul and do not know what to experience in the remaining time. That’s why you can not afford to spend your spare time or use your travel costs effectively.
It’s one-day-trip set in korea.
-    One-day-trip set is the shortest trip set.
-    If tourists want to book the set, they have to book one day before.
-    The schedule has already been settled, tourists can not choose other spots.
-    One-day-trip set is the shortest trip set.
-    Tourist should join in the whole trip, or they may lost their way, since the car will leave.
-    If the trip starts, then the money can not be called back. (ticket not be used)

Merit: you can search restaurants, hotels, sightseeing spots and so on.
We can search many kind of spot and we can refer to the review.
Demerit: I have difficulty finding a spot where I want to go.
Because the number that comes out by search is huge we have to search every time we have a place want to go because this does not introduce as a whole plan for the whole day.
Point: App for planning the whole trip

Demmerit of there app
Selecting content that you interested in from a lot of search results is troublesome to find, because you can not narrow down the current application to only the place that suits yout taste, and the content recommended for any person is the same. There are problems such as.

Different point from these app
If I can propose a travel plan tailored to each user’s preference, users can choose plans that suited themselves without stress.



Reserch the data of Korea vistors of Japense and Chinese

Purpose and duration of stay are different among people
>In addition to the main purpose, I do not know what is in Korea so I want to know more
ex) People whose main purpose is shopping are unfamiliar to food and sightseeing spots



One day – Hobby
Make plan depend on users characteristic, find out which is the best area for user



Gender: Male
Occupation: Businessman
How long stay: 1week 2free days
Budget: $350
Marital Status: Married
Needs: I was already in Korea. so I want to go famous spot in Korea.
Take pictures in famous spot and go to some spots suits my bobby.
But I have limited time and money. I have only one day for freetime.
I want to do sightseeing efficiently
- Time and maoney are limited.
- I don’t know much about seoul.



Solution of ploblem: Recommend the plan made up by user’s hobby depend on limited time an money.
Experience user got from this app: If I decide only money and time, I can get the plans what suit my hobbies, then I can choose among choices


User setting


Set information for the plan

Fixed: User information
Change: Budet for one day, The time to go out.
-> Recommending a day’s plan by roughly deciding what you want to do and users characteristic.


Recommend area

-    one famouse spot
-    some local spot depend on hobby and user’s needs
There are many other applications that recommend popular spots.
But just going to only famous spot is boring.
The target has limited time and money.
Recommend only one famouse spot depend on the spots rerated to user around there

The specific point of this app(different point from other app)
make plan only for one day including only one famous spot and some local spots based on personal charactaristic.


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