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Extra Form
Project name YwY
Members Siwoo Kim, Danni Shen, Jihye Im, Wonkyung Choi, Haejoo Heo, Li pan



Currency exchange status for foriengers 




- It’s more cheaper to exchange money in

- In the past time, although individual can go to Korean local bank to exchange money, it needs dollars to calculate the rate. You should exchange the Chinese money to dollars first, and then exchange dollars to Korean money. These two exchanges exist rate risk. But now, the new policy make the exchange better in Korea local bank for Chinese tourists. 

-> Where is the highest exchange rate of Korean money? 



- The result varies greatly depending on the place to exchange money.

- When you exchange the money,
The country want a currency with higher social credit than own country.

- The exchange of dollars and euros is advantage in Japan but the other's currency exchanges more profit in their country. 

 -> In general, a order of best exchange rates 







Name: Li pan

Country: China

Age: 23

Purpose of visiting Korea: Shopping

I bring the chinese money from China for exchange the money in Korea


In China, There are only two banks that exchange money .
If I want to exchange the money I have to go to big city and I have to reserve at least one day before. The exchange fee is also very high.
Before visiting Korea, I tried to find an informations about the money exchange stores in Korea at the website ‘Baidu’ which is the most powerful search engine in China but I couldn’t.
At the Incheon airport, I could find the money exchange centers but I didn’t use the center. Because I couldn’t get any informations about the rates or fees. It was hard to make a decisions.


Can get an information at the China before visiting Korea about the money exchange stores with a currency rates in real-time.
Need informations about the money exchange stores in Korea and compare with other stores. Want to do the money exchanges without paying too much fees in the safe place for my shoping. Don’t want to wait or make reservation for exchange money and waste my times. 



Q. This is an interview to find out the difficulties that Chinese travelers who visit Korea. Is there any difficulty in changing money in China?
A. Yes. There are a lot. There are only two banks that can exchange money in China. However, you have to go to a bank in a big city, and you can exchange money only through reservation.

Not only is it difficult to visit the bank, you also have to pay a lot of exchange fees. Q. So Chinese travelers often do not exchange the money at the Bank of China?
A. Normal traveler rarely does.
Q. How do Chinese travelers prepare for exchange before visiting Korea?

A. I searched for information about Korea Exchange Bank before visiting Korea, but I could not find it. We could download various application in China and also found A few places location and business hours. However we couldn't find other information. I was able to find information about the exchange rate and locate on the Chinese personal blog, who visited Korea, but I was unable to believe that
it was based on personal opinions and It was written long ago.

Q. How about visiting Korea and exchanging money for Incheon International Airport or Korean bank?
A. Incheon International Airport has to pay a lot of money for the exchange rate commission in Korea. Banks in Korea can visit, but they do not speak Chinese or English well.

In other words, problems with communication, and there were many people in the bank, so we had to wait one hour.

Q. so do not go to the bank and use a lot of exchange centers?

A. Yes. a lot of people. Almost Chinese travelers who visit Korea use the exchange centers.

Q. what is the reasons?
A. There are many things. First, it's close and easy to find. You can save money because there are fewer exchange fees than banks ,airports, large marts and hotels.

The procedure is simple and there are no people waiting, so you do not have to waste time. There are many exchange centers, so you can compare. And most of the exchange centers’s staff can speak Chinese.

Q. What are some of the difficulties you face when using exchange centers?

A. It is difficult to compare exchange rates with each other due to the existence of many exchange centers. One time, I had to use another exchange centers because there has not enough money.
If you go to Myeongdong or Dongdaemun, there are lots of exchange centers, but it is hard to find the other places. I wanted to find information about another exchange centers, but I could not find it. 

- It is difficult to exchange money in China.
- When they visit Korea, most travelers use the exchange centers in Korea.

- However, the information exchange centers in Korea is very lacking.

-> Need a system that shows information about exchange centers in Korea.




All defects     


Japan has bad interest rates, high commissions and complicated procedures. Chinese can not use AliPay, and only one bank can exchange money There is a double fee.
It is difficult to check balance

It is dangerous to carry a lot of money. 



It takes a long time because the procedure is complicated.
It is difficult to communicate because they can not speak Chinese.
The exchange fee is higher than the exchange counter. 


Exchange Center

It's hard to find because it does not have location information.
Currency comparison is difficult
It is difficult to exchange a lot of money
It is hard to know the business hours. 


It is hard to know the business hours.
No location infomation
It is difficult to exchange a lot of money
Currency comparison is difficult Procedure is complicated.
It is difficult to conversation 

-> Main point




Currently exchange shop search system 


- Offer informations of exchange shop(name, address, how to go,,)
- Connecting language speakers
- Shows nearest, greatest rate, ranks
- Reservation available 



Cash withdrawal from home country -> Departure -> Arrived in Korea -> Exchange rates comparison

-> Bank & Exchange shop check -> Go to public transit -> Search location -> Arrival at Exchange shop -> Give cash

-> Exchange 


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