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Extra Form
Project name PoPo
Members Defu Bao, Ke Duan, Yuka Ito, Nyamsuren G, Seokpyo Hong, Dahei Jeong



Why are you not interested in traveling palace? 

- I just looked around there, there is nothing special.
- When I look around there one time, I don’t want to go there anymore. - I am not interested in there.
- I don’t know what is difference with many palaces. It looks same to me. 


Problem Finding & Solving 

Tourist can only know Korean culture in boring way. 

-> Some give a chance some experience by taking photos with something special. 



Younger Who likes taking pictures, Who is sick of normal pictures, Who want to seek symbol of Korea



name: Mei Mei
Gender : Female
Counrty : China
Job : Student
Hobby : Take a Photo, Traveling
Age : 23 


- I went to the GyeongBok Palace, but there was nothing special and I just feel like that It is similar to my country(China). So I feel getting tired to travel in palace.


- While traveling in Palace, Hope to having interesting something - Want to get a information like history from that place


- No intersted in Korean Palace
- Hard to get a information like history 


How it works? 

Based on GPS

The location can be found.
Use the Image Recognition technology. 

*What is Image Recognition Technology?

Image recognition technologies strive to identify objects, people, buildings, places, logos, and anything else that has value to consum- ers and enterprises. 


Idea Detail 

People go to specific place and try to take photo and some specific images or cartoons which is symbol of this place appear in phone. When you touch this image and some introduction about this place will appear. 


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Group B02.jpg

Group B03.jpg

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Group B06.jpg


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