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by admin posted Jan 24, 2017


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Extra Form
Project name Guide Planner
Members Wonbo Ko, YoungJun Choo, Suha Kim, Yajin Jiyang, Huan Gao



- I want to know the history of the SaejongDaewang and Gwanghwamoon. 
- Need some recommandation from local people.
- Need someone to accompany with me for enjoying korean cultures.



The Real Problem Is...
1. exsiting guides tours are too expensive and not flexible
2. very detatiled / specific local informations are lacked



Reasonable Travellers who want various experiences.

NEED 1: using the guide only when I want
NEED 2: getting various experiences



NEED 1 - solution: find a guide who can match the trip we made
NEED 2 - solution: choose the activities that already on apps



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