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Extra Form
Project name FUNFOOD
Members Choi Jaegong, Kang Chansung, Park Jinha, Lee Da Hyoun, Qifei Wu, Zhao Heming




When there are so many kinds of “Korean food”
When there are so many ‘RED’ &’MIXED’ food
-    What are these?
-    Is this spicy?
-    Maybe I cannot try it…
-    What is inside?
-    Vegetable? Meat?
-    I’m allergy to nuts…


Problem Recognition


Food Issues of Foreign Tourists
1.    Bad Food Taste
2.    Lack of Food Information
3.    Expensive Food Price
4.    Insufficient Amount of Dish


Application Function


AR recognition
Food information


Expected Benefit for Foreign Tourists


1. Get food information quickly and easily. 
2. No need other’s help for Information. 
3. Can avoid foods that they don’t want.


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