[2019 Summer Workshop] Yonsei University - Mao Lujin

by admin posted Jan 05, 2020


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Personal summary and feelings: Mao Lujin


The main work of going abroad on business is to participate in the Asia Campus workshop jointly held by China, Japan and South Korea. The South Korean side calls this project campus Asia design leadership. As a student representative, I gave a brief introduction to Zhejiang University and its design discipline at the opening ceremony of this workshop.


During the workshop, we had in-depth cooperation and exchange with international students from Yanshi University and Chiba University, and jointly completed the design project with the theme of "universal design". In this design project, all students are divided into six groups, each group has its own detailed theme and design site. The specific theme assigned by my group is "universal design in space and facility", and the specific design site is seoullo 7017, Seoul Road.


The design stage of this project can be divided into three stages: field investigation stage, discussion and analysis stage, and achievement output stage, and the Korean side has made a reasonable time division for these three stages.


In the field investigation stage, I went to the site with the team members for field investigation, photo shooting, node drawing and semi-structured interviews with local staff and pedestrian tourists. In addition, the South Korean side also prepared vivid experience courses for us, and took us to visit the exhibition hall containing more than 1600 kinds of general design products, so that we can experience the real physiological feelings of the elderly. All of these provide a lot of inspiration for our later design.


In the stage of discussion and analysis, I worked with my classmates from different countries in the group to classify and summarize the existing space and facilities of seoullo 7017, and then find out the actual problems in this road section by brainstorming. During this period, we have real-time feedback and exchange with professors from Chiba and Yanshi universities, and draw their valuable opinions for revision.


In the stage of achievement output, as the team leader, I reasonably arranged the work and made every member of the team contribute his or her own strength as much as possible. However, due to the time relationship, although the problem is very clear, our results are still preliminary and imperfect. In the final presentation, the professors also gave quite a lot of pertinent opinions and said that our problems are worthy of consideration by the Seoul government.


In general, the main purpose of this work is to exercise ability, including but not limited to English communication ability, teamwork ability, thinking logic ability and adaptability in unfamiliar environment.


As far as I am concerned, as the student leader of Zhejiang University and the team leader in the group work, I have gained a lot in general.

First of all, I trained my English publishing ability in international formal occasions. I always think that my English level needs to be improved, and I need many opportunities for international exchange to exercise and improve.


Secondly, as a student of design, I can communicate well with my classmates from Japan and South Korea at the level of professional knowledge. Because in design, Japan is recognized as the leader, Chiba University is unique in service design; at the same time, South Korea also has great ability in design. In the process of group work, I can easily find the differences in design thinking between myself and foreign students, so I can learn from them and learn from them, instead of being limited to the thinking I have learned and practiced in China.


Moreover, as a group leader, it's still difficult to lead a group of unfamiliar students to work, because I don't know what they are good at, and we still have some obstacles in communication. This can be said to be a challenge, but only when there is a challenge can there be progress and harvest. If you just stay in your comfort zone all the time, there won't be a great improvement.


Finally, in terms of environment, Zhejiang University is an international university. As a student of Zhejiang University, I should also be an "international" student. In the future study and work life, we should always be ready to adapt to different international atmosphere. Ability training in this area is also extremely important.

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