2021 캠퍼스아시아 디자인 리더쉽 워크샵이 아래와 같이 진행되오니 학생들의 많은 관심과 참여 바랍니다.



1. 개요

- 주최: 중국 저장대, 일본 치바대, 한국 연세대

- 일시: 2021년 7월 9일(금) - 17일(토)

- 장소: 연세대학교 ZOOM 온라인 회의장

- 팀구성: 한일중 학생이 포함된 팀(조)으로 구성 

- 모집인원: 연세대 10명

- 모집대상: 연세대학교 디자인예술학부 학부 및 대학원생

- 신청마감: 2021년 6월 21일(월)



2. 참가 신청 방법

CAMPUS ASIA 홈페이지 접속 - [NOTICE] - 캠퍼스아시아 한일중 2021 여름 워크샵 안내 - 첨부 신청서를 작성하여 으로 6월 21일까지 신청



3. 참가 특전

- AR 관련 튜토리얼 제공 ( Reality Composer, Adobe Aero, Behaviour)

- 참가자 전원 기념품 제공 및 우수팀에 상장수여 



4. 워크샵 테마

A day in metaverse


The concept of 'Metaverse' was first introduced in the novel 'Snow Crash' by American novelist Neil Stevens in 1992. It is a compound word of “Meta”, the Greek word meaning virtual and transcendence, and “Universe,” meaning the world, meaning an ecosystem in which the real and the virtual world interact and evolve together.


We have already experienced the metaverse in cyberspace for a long time. If cyberspace in the past could only perform limited activities within the limited space, in the present metaverse virtual world, endlessly expanding, unrestricted activities are possible. Although the virtual reality services of the past provide services to users in a form that is disconnected from the real world, the current metaverse is breaking down the boundaries and creating new values in which virtual and reality coexist.


The metaverse is not the future far from us, but a reality that comes to us. Physical and real experiences are taking place in the virtual world. The metaverse world is no longer virtual, but an extension of real life. The metaverse will make a huge difference in human life. How will life change in the metaverse world that humanity will face in the future?

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